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1. Sales engineer:
Job responsibilities:
-Actively develop new customers via online and telephone to maintain and consolidate existing customer relationships
-Responsible for price negotiation and promotion of applicable solutions to customers
-Establish and maintain good customer relations, coordinate the processing of orders, receipt and delivery, complaints, product consultation, etc.
-Work with the purchasing department to understand the current inventory
job requirements:
-College degree or above, with rich experience, the academic degree can be relaxed.
-More than 2 years of relevant sales experience in the electronics industry and good contact with relevant customers and factories

-Familiar with the brand model, marketing and sales process of IC electronic components
-Good interpersonal communication and negotiation skills, keen market sense
-Proactive, strong organizational skills and spontaneity, with a team spirit


2. Purchasing engineer
Job responsibilities:
-Discover new suppliers around the world
-Maintain close contact with existing suppliers to ensure the latest market news
-Responsible for price negotiation and purchase order execution.

job requirements:
-College degree or above, rich experience can relax the conditions.
-One year of relevant procurement experience in the electronics industry and good contact with electronic component suppliers
-Familiar with IC electronic components brand models, procurement channels and processes
-Good interpersonal communication and negotiation skills
-Proactive, well-planned, able to work independently, with a team spirit

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